How to choose children's tableware

Children's tableware should be selected carefully, because if a kid does not like it, then he/she will eat with reluctance. Children's dishes should create a special atmosphere to involve a child in a process. Therefore, if you do not want your child to act up, but eat with pleasure - pick up a nice set of children's dishes with bright and beautiful drawings.

Each child must necessarily own personal dishes. Do not feed a kid using forks and plates for adults, and do not use one set of children's dishes for several children. So make sure that each child had his/her own appetizing dishes.

Baby tableware must be made of safe materials. In this regard plates and mugs of porcelain, earthenware and clay should be preferred. Sets made of unbreakable clay suit for children up to one year and porcelain and earthenware dishes for older children. These are safe materials that can withstand the temperature changes as well. Read how to cook healthy food for small children.

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