Tips on how to choose sport for boys

Often parents want to send child in sports almost from the cradle. First desire to give the child to the school of karate, soccer or hockey appears after the third birthday. Specialists advise not to rush with this issue, because the child will get the certain life passions a little later. Here it is important to adhere to the principle of "do no harm". Firstly, at this age it is still impossible to identify the predisposition of the child to a particular sport. Second, you can count on the fingers the coaches which are capable of dealing with such little children.

How to guide the choice of the sports section for a boy?

First of all it depends on the individual characteristics of the child, rather than personal interest. Try to assess his ability as objectively as possible. Best child's predisposition to a specific kind of sport is visible in the range of from 5 to 7 years. Of course you can send him to the sport earlier, but this choice will make like "wide of the mark". Our task is to use the most of children's natural gifts.

For stout children are much more suitable such kinds of sport as swimming, judo, some varieties of athletics or hockey. Then pay attention to the growth. Tall people are especially valued in games such as basketball and volleyball. This is such an important factor in these games that the coaches are ready to forgive the prospective pupils even some slowness. So if your son grows well - note in the first place on the "parquet" sports. The football and hockey have pretty strict criteria: speed, agility, sharpness.

Speed - is the only quality which is impossible to "inculcate" - it is given by nature, and to increase it during training possible only on 10% - scientifically proven.

Remember that when choosing a sport for your son, you set a goal to please your child from future trainings. The right choice should stimulate his desire to engage in sports all his life, even not professionally. If you will approach to this question not correctly, your child will take the trainings like duties, from which he will want to rid of.

Cameron Lewis, children's doctor and a freelance journalist talks about how to choose sport for boys and advises to pay attention to the martial arts for kids Toronto offers.

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