How to cook healthy food for children

All the parents want to surround their kids with high-quality and safe products in all spheres of their activity. Our website offers a variety of products for babies, toddlers and kids. Read more why to choose products for children on Much attention is paid to healthy nutrition and healthy cooking.

Most children under the age of five years eat outside the home. They can go to a kindergarten, a nursery, or a certified caregiver is looking after a child at home. Some centers provide food, while others require the parents to bring a food for a child for a whole day from home. Here are a few tips on how to cook healthy food for a lunch and as a snack.

Include nutritious foods that are easy and fun to eat
Small children require a varied and healthy food, rich in different nutrients for normal growth of the body. The food should be fresh and delicious, it should be cooked in stainless steel cookware sets, which preserve useful trace elements and vitamins. You can choose from a variety of cookware sets on sale on our website.

What to include into children's daily nutrition:

- Two or three servings of products containing calcium, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, soy milk with higher content of calcium or custard.
- Some of the iron-rich foods, such as beef, lamb or veal, or some kinds of products with moderate iron content - fish, pork, ham, chicken, eggs, peanut butter, baked beans or wholemeal bread.
- Two types of flour and cereal products - bread, raisin bread, rolls, rice, noodles, pasta or cereal (try to choose those that are of high fiber content).
- One serving of fresh, cooked fruit or fruit salad.
- One serving of vegetables, such as tomatoes, salad, avocado, cucumber, grated carrots, black olives, celery, bell pepper, or cold potatoes.

Make sure that the food was fresh
Such foods as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, pasta, rice, pasta, custard, yogurt, cheese and milk should be stored at low temperature to prevent the growth of bacterias, which cause food poisoning. Keep food cold by using special hermetically closed box until you get to a kindergarten and then put it immediately in the refrigerator.

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