Martial arts which appropriate for women

Martial arts - actual and not a boring way to keep fit. Flexibility, good stretching, excellent coordination and the load on all muscle groups - this is not all the advantages that can give you such fitness craze. Women are advised to engage in basically non-contact martial arts (wushu, aikido), aimed at the internal flexibility and concentration. According to 98-year-old Keiko Fukuda, which is the only woman in the world, who are awarded the title holders of the black belt in judo 10-degree, the female martial art is based on the stealth, the flexibility, the accuracy and the speed, which can be contrasted with naked force. In any case, thanks to the philosophical basis, the martial arts allow sometimes better than any therapist to set up our own "inner strings", to deal with isolation and easier to tolerate the aggression of the external world. According to advices of experienced athletes, real results can be achieved within 3-4 months of regular exercise. However, experts say that familiarity with martial arts sometimes takes the whole life.

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