How to pick up the best nanny for your kid

The most important thing that should be considered when choosing a nanny is to ensure comfort for everyone. If all the members of the family like a nurse, then the choice of parents is certainly successful, but if there is even the slightest doubt that you really like a person, it is not necessary to hire her as the shortcomings that were surfaced immediately, will not disappear with time, and will become even more annoying.

Nanny should become a solution to all the problems, but not their source. It may happen that you are satisfied with the nurse in general, but there are some details or actions in her behavior (for example, the way she feeds a child, or makes a massage, or the way of communicating, or simply - a habit not to switch off for a light in the closet) that you do not like. They should be discussed immediately, from the outset. You should specify your wishes and requirements to remain as small likelihood of disputes as possible. Read about professional care for small children.

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