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Shoes for the Elderly People

With age, the human body wears out, various diseases appear. During this period, it is important to take care of one’s health and try to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The choice of shoes should be taken very seriously, because comfort, convenience and safety play the most important role for an elderly person, not fashionable and extravagant models of the shoewear.

Shoes and boots for the elderly person should be not only beautiful in appearance, but also meet all the requirements for comfort, like Clarks shoes Toronto collection. Elderly people should choose shoes made of natural materials that will allow their feet to breathe, prevent the formation of calluses and rubbing, and minimize the risk of injury.

Many elderly men and women suffer from the following widespread diseases:

  • varicose of veins
  • edema
  • fatigue in the limbs
  • Properly selected shoes help to avoid various complications of these diseases. It is best to choose a leather or suede shoes that will not impede movement and rub feet, especially in the winter period. Such models, as a rule, have internal inserts made of natural fur, thanks to which the feet will be warm even in severe frost. It is worth paying attention to the insole in the shoes. It should be made only of natural material. The presence of instep supports is also important, due to which the foot is in the correct position. The sole of the shoe should be made of a durable, flexible and non-slip material that has a light and elastic shape. Elderly women should not buy shoes that have a high and narrow heel. Footwear for the elderly should firmly fix the foot, but in no case squeeze it. Preference must be given to shoes on Velcro or laces because they allow to fix the ankle in the desired position.

    If a person of advanced age has musculoskeletal system diseases, such as arthrosis or arthritis, valgus deformity of the thumbs, it is necessary to purchase only orthopedic footwear. Such shoes can be bought in a special store or tailor made, according to the individual client's measurements.

    Which shoes an elderly person should avoid buying?

    For a person of advanced age, it is necessary to select only comfortable and high-quality footwear, leaving extravagant models of shoes to the young. Elderly people should not wear:

  • Tight shoes - as a result of wearing such models, the foot is constantly injured, blood circulation is disturbed.
  • High-heeled shoes - increase the likelihood of leg injuries, because an unstable heel leads to frequent falls of elderly women. The optimum height of the heels should not exceed 3 cm. Moreover, people of advanced age cannot choose a heel, narrowed downwards.
  • Shoes made of artificial materials - such shoes do not allow the skin to breathe and do not absorb moisture, which leads to the appearance of diaper rash and fungal diseases of the limbs.
  • Shoes and boots on a high platform - these shoes, as a rule, do not have insteps and are not stable. In most cases, wearing such shoes leads to ankle injury.
  • Sandals and shoes with open toes or backs - in such models, the risk of injury to the limbs increases.
  • There are a few brands which offer beautiful and at the same time comfortable shoes for the elderly people, for instance Clarks, Ecco, Timberland, etc. since these brands proved to produce shoes of high quality suitable for the elderly people, it is worth checking their sites for updates and buy good shoes. Although they are not cheap, these shoes are good value for money.

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