Why a Belly Band?

Every child begins with a mother and if a mother is happy then a child is happy. A mother can be happy only if she is comfortable and satisfied on all the things she does. Pregnancy is a pretty tough though a miraculous period of a women's life. They struggle from insomnia, back pains and sometimes from extra gained pounds. All this passes, but in order to go through this process easier, experts advise to use belly bands, and below there are some reasons "why".

Why would a woman consider getting a belly band?

There is no secret that all manufacturers claim that belly bands are great as wardrobe extenders. Pregnant mothers tend to wear pre-pregnant clothes for a longer period, especially pieces of clothes like jeans, trousers and skirts. As their belly enlarges and it actually becomes hard to do up the zip, buttons and clips, women just leave them open. By that openness they open their tummy to public. As a rule, no one likes to show off the belly and such accessory as a belly band can perfectly help you hide the open belly and on top of that protect it from any drafts.

Maternity clothes have become just a fact of the everyday pregnancy life for most women. Lots of women adore wearing skirts but the stretchy panel in the front of the skirts or pants usually looks absolutely unattractive. This is one more reason why experts from www.sevenwomen.ca an online maternity store, advise to wear a belly band to get a more appealing alternative. This wide strip of cloth covers up all the expanse of stretchy fabric which prominently sits from the waist area to above the pubic bone.

The freedom of movement is very important during the pregnancy period and the stretch fabric used in belly bands can help you gain this freedom. When you wear it and move, the band moves with you; so any type of walking, breathing, bending and getting up or down from any position will not be restrictive in any way. The band in fact remains unfelt by women when worn.

The uncomfortableness is a myth!

Belly band appeared on the market of clothing for pregnant women some time ago (around 10-15 years). The first version of them undoubtedly were much worse than what you can see now. They have gone through many evolutionary design changes just like any fashion thing. All the advances in the manufacture and fibres processing have also meant that the effectiveness they have is much better than it used to be.

At first, you may feel some unusual feeling of wearing a belly band because you have never worn it before. But just as with a new pair of shoes you get used to it and then cannot imagine your life without these perfect Seven Women belly bands! You will feel the easiness of moving and carrying the baby while wearing a band. Moreover, this can be a perfect extra support for you at any sports training.

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